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Anywhere, Anytime Learning


We invite you to explore the MASSACHUSETTS ABE DISTANCE LEARNING PROJECT - a statewide partnership formed to develop, test, and document the use of telecommunications technology to deliver basic education to adults.

Read our recent research publication, WHAT MAKES DISTANCE LEARNING EFFECTIVE: Support Mechanisms to Maximize Distance Learning in ios 9 download ABE

Practical information about the Distance Learning program design and service delivery, with video clips of model Distance Learning Pilot program activities, support your exploration of "anywhere, anytime learning." These pages include:

  • Needs and Goals
  • Student Support
  • Curriculum / Instruction
  • Educator Skills Profile
  • Useful Contacts

For interactive exchanges of ideas and experiences, try: "How to Build an ABE Distance boom beach hack tool Learning Program on our Discussion Board.

We hope that you find this site a place to learn and collaborate with others who share your interests in distance learning for ABE.